(MY) Zercher Brand Photography’s Commitment to You.


You may notice you don’t have a lot of high gloss, and embossed printed materials in front of you featuring fancy before and after photos where I claim to have saved the world, or at least the MLS in one actuation of the shutter, that is because today I wanted to focus on my commitment to you, before the session, during the session, in post and beyond.


·       Before the session

o   I want to develop a long-term relationship, I want to improve your business and am willing to listen to your ideas, and modify my workflow to accommodate you;

  •   How you want a property shot,
  •   How you want things to look.

·       Some like a slightly over exposed bright look,

·       Some like it to appear a little warmer than others.

o   I display the utmost professionalism, I understand I am an extension of you and your business and I will be representing you at the property in a professional manner, see testimonials online.

·       During the Session 

o   I am a small business, it will be me every time, choosing a big photography company will most likely save you money, but you will not know who is shooting your properties and the results will not be consistent.


o   I take my time and get the perfect composition selection. I take enough time to talk to; the owner (if available), the agent, and examine the space and find the best compositions, and best techniques to capture them (Pano, Flash, Long Exposure, HDR, etc.).


o   I am technically competent, with the latest professional equipment, Canon Equipment, Ultra wide angle Lens, (no fish eyes), remote flash, and light diffusers.

·       In-Post Session

o   I am experienced and practiced with the latest still and video modification and control software. Everything has its place, but misused techniques like HDR (High Dynamic Range) make images look painted, and too much in Photoshop will make it look over modified; you do not want the property appearing differently in person then the photos they viewed online, you will definitely hear about it.


o   I offer a real full service website hosting and downloading of my imaging deliverables (Stills, Video, Adobe Flash Player 360x180 virtual tour panos).


o   Additional marketing materials, I design and print marketing materials that give you a unique product to represent your listing, allows you to spend your time on something more important and guarantees the photos you paid for are going to be crystal clear on your print materials.


o   Have an outdated headshot? I offer free portrait photography services to my clients so that your online and printed presence is current, strong, and professional. (I actually have the same software GS uses if you are so inclined)

·       Additions

o   I love giving back to the community,

§  I work regularly with the NB Parks and Rec Dept. to donate my time and imaging deliverables to help them document and generate marketing materials.

§  I shot and made available for free download to the participants, the COMAL COUNTY SHERIFF'S POSSE - 2014 Spring Saddle Playday on March 15.

·       Please contact me with the business card in front of you, or go to Zercherbrand.net to learn more, thank you for your time