Where you get back what you drop off
Our Processing Agreement
We at Zercher Brand feel that it is not fair that most of our competition keeps track of your meat in terms of aggregate pounds (everyone’s meat is all mixed in one pile). We understand that you have harvested this animal at great expense and have gone to great lengths to care for the carcass. It is our commitment to you that you will get back the same meat that you dropped off. This premium service we provide does require more time and effort and as such is reflected in our prices and limited batch sizes.

​Given that the meat has to be kept separate and batched by Customer, by Order, we cannot allow orders smaller than 7lbs of deer (For example to get 2 items deer must yield 14lbs, for 3 items 21lbs, for 4 items 28lbs after deboning and trimming.) We have to do this to keep the orders in manageable sizes to send through our; Mixers, Grinders, and Stuffers. If you select more items than your deer will yield we will make every effort to contact you to see which item you would like to drop, if contact cant be made we will choose what item to drop for you.

All smoked sausage links, summer sausage, and pressed jerky have pork added to the mixture. All prices include the cost of the pork. We use pork that is a lean mix and as such is more expensive. Prices are subject to change at anytime to reflect the escalation of pork, cheese, and spice prices, however once you submit your deposit you will lock in the prices listed on the form.

You can feel free to drop off your game to be processed 24 hours a day 7 days a week with prior arrangement. We will process your game with the utmost of care and ensure you get the quality product you are expecting. If your processed game is not picked up within 7 days from notification of completion, then a storage fee will be assessed at a rate of $10.00 per day. Orders left longer that 30 days will be considered abandoned by customer. We have to do this because during the hunting season our freezers fill up fast and holding orders too long could affect our processing line. We can assure you that once you get your order back home and eat it, you will be anxious to pick up you next order.

We will reject all wild game that have been found to be inedible. Please be aware all wild game must be accompanied will the proper documentation of the legality of the harvest.


Our policy is that the deposit needs to be made via cash, check or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) before we except any carcasses.

Support Policies

We take pride in ensuring you get a quality product for consumption and prepare each order with the up most care. Your order will already be packaged when you arrive to pick it up so bring a cooler or a container that can keep the order cold until you arrive home.

Pick up check list:

​Bring method of payment and copy of order sheet. Bring a cooler or some way to keep the order frozen until you get home or to your storage destination

Refund Policy

Our processing fees are usually not refundable, but if an order is proven to be incorrect or is not fixable we will refund your money. If a problem should arise we can usually resolve it in the best interest of the customer.

​Notice - All weights are approximate and are weighed and recorded wet (before any dehydration process).